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Houseplant Displays at Stansted Park Garden Centre

We love receiving photos from our happy customers! And we also love to see our display stands merchandised in-store Thank you to Paul White at Stansted Park Garden Centre! The Timber Houseplant Display tables with A-Frame Ad-on look fab!!! “WE ARE DELIGHTED WITH THE HOUSEPLANT TABLES AND A-FRAME DISPLAY. HOUSEPLANTS SALES CONTINUE TO GROW! WE WILL DEFINITELY LOOK AT PURCHASING MORE QUALITY PRODUCTS FROM STAGECRAFT IN THE NOT SO DISTANT FUTURE” Paul White -Store Manager - Stansted Park Featured Products Freestanding, Interior Displays Table Top A-Frame Houseplant &...

Crimple New Houseplant Area

 Crimple’s new houseplant area looks amazing! It’s always a pleasure to call in to see our Retail Displays installed and merchandised in store, Click here to view our casestudy and to find out more about the houseplant displays supplied to crimple!    Contact us! Δ

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