Ben Lewis work experience blog

Ben Lewis work experience blog

This week we have been delighted to welcome Ben Lewis as part of work experience week, Ben age 17 is a student at Llanidloes High School and has a keen interest in mechanical engineering.

Ben has been busy shadowing our design and manufacturing departments developing and building his own design here at Stagecraft this week.

Ben’s Blog

I decided to design and build a new workbench that would be practical hardwearing and would provide a lot of space
The name of my product is – The CoolTool, The CoolTool workbench provides an easy to access storage area for your tools, keeping equipment right in front of the user for when they need it.

Monday: On Monday I was thinking about ideas of products which I could make
Tuesday: I decided that I was going to make a workbench and began designing
Wednesday: I had finished designing and began the manufacturing process
Thursday: I had finished manufacturing the first-ever CoolTool workbench.
Friday: I began marketing the product and worked with the sales department learning how products are marketed and sold.

I have had a great time working at stagecraft, I have learned a lot of things and gained experience and understanding of the design and manufacture process of the retail display industry.

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