Haskins Snowhill open for business


Haskins Snowhill open for business

The New Haskins Garden Centre Snowhill has opened and looks amazing!

We are proud to have Designed, Manufactured and Installed interior and exterior retail displays and other bespoke fixtures for this exciting new concept store!
The wonderful new layout has a new large covered outdoor plant area filled with our exterior plant displays, The brand new 11,800 sqm centre boasts a 440 seat restaurant and outdoor terrace as well as an extended car park with 346 parking spaces.
We worked with Haskins to create stylish, practical and versatile retail displays that Increase customer flow around the retail areas and suit the practical needs of the retail environment
Stagecraft products installed at the new Haskins Snowhill include,

Exterior plant area
Bedding tables, plant tables displays, signage holders and POS, pot grids, risers, toppers, trellis, Mobile shelving systems, Display cart and many more. (Click here to view our exterior plant range)

Interior Displays
Houseplant Display Tables were a bespoke design based on our standard houseplant table display range that features flood trays, aluminium surround, timber frames and solid paint finish. (Click here to view our houseplant retail display range) 

(Full product list with images will be updated to our case study on the project in the near future)

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