Cable Reels

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Cable Reels

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Our New range of Plywood Cable Reels are perfect for creating a rustic popup retail display adding a quirky touch to your retail environment.

Cable reels are available in three sizes and can be used individually, grouped or stacked together to create a varying height display.

Product Dimensions

Small (SKU Z1247) 600mm diameter, 300mm high, 300mm centre diameter

Medium (SKU Z1248) 800mm diameter, 450mm high, 400mm centre diameter

Large (SKU Z1249) 1200mm diameter, 600mm high, 600mm centre diameter

Material: Plywood

Finish: Natural or Stained

Supplied fully assembled

(*Disclaimer: Our Cable Reels are for display/decorative purposes only and are not designed to be used as a cable reel for holding cables)

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SKU: Z1247 | Z1248 | Z1249
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