Melamine Range Colour Options

Wood Effect Options

Reproductions of timber such as oak and nordic inspired white-wash offer fine detailing and timeless option with wood grain textures giving them a completely natural and 3 dimensional finish. Saw marks, knots and sandblasted effects provide a natural, almost raw look. Timber effect melamine looks fantastic on its own or when coupled with contrasting edge banding or block colours which emphasis the finer detail in the prints.

Truffle Brown H1253

Truffle Brown Branson Robinia

Grey Nordic Oak K089

Nordic Oak

Grey Nebraska Oak H3332

Nabraska Oak

Nebraska Oak H3331

Natural Nabraska Oak

White North Wood 8508

White North Wood

Lincoln Walnut H1714

Block Colour Options

The selection of muted tones in our matt block colour options create a sense of exclusivity with an anti-fingerprint finish creating an understated high value look and feel. These block colours look fantastic when used on their own but have also been hand-picked to complement our wood effect options so customers can mix and match textures and styles for a truly unique finish.

Pebble Grey

Pebble Grey

Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey


Clay Grey



Premium White

Premium White


Edge banding is designed for covering the exposed edge of our wood based panels which offers a sleek, yet robust decorative finish. We supply both edging to match each of our colour options as well as accent edging to focus on the edge as a design feature.

To ensure our edging is applied with quality and precision our factory is equipped with an in-house edge-banding machine to glue edges with the correct bonding strength ensuring longevity and durability, and cutting edges with consistent precision.