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CNC Machine Cutting
CNC cutting of a ply table design


As Stagecraft has grown so too has its experience, skills and capacity. The company now offer their expert design, CNC cutting and manufacturing services to a variety of business sectors and private individuals, catering for both large and small scale runs.


CNC Cutting Service

Our CNC is a 3 axis Morbidelli panel machine capable of machining boards as large as 3660 x 1500 and our maximum cutting depth is 70mm. The machine features a self-loading and unloading bed meaning it can be unloaded quickly maximising machine time.


We offer 2 levels of service

1) Rapid cutting service – you know the technology, you want to supply the cut files and receive your components quickly.

2) Design Development service – You have an idea but need assistance making your concept reality (read below for more information).

CNC routing is a method of cutting flat sheet materials like MDF into specific shapes using a large computer controlled router and a cutting program generated from a CAD file. The parts can be cut as many times as you like all with the same accuracy.

Cut through – Rebate – Drill – Chamber – Round-over – Pocket – Profile – Engrave

The CNC can do the above to:

A large variety of woods such as ply (birch ply, marine ply, laminated ply etc), MDF, laminated MDF; and solid wood like pine, oak and walnut. If you have a specific material in mind and want to know whether it is appropriate please get in touch.

Request a quote here or call us on 01686 629096 !

Customer Testimonials

Caledonian Audio Image for website

“I have now received the products and very happy with them. They are exactly what I was hoping for” 

Indra – Caledonian Audio


We were delighted to find Stagecraft who have the skill and expertise to build our sections and like us, they are a local company who employ a fantastic local workforce and have great quality control on all they do ” Leigh Price – Modulog

Green Unit Eco Pod

“The service and quality level delivered for the first ARC floor and ceiling fabrication was extremely encouraging and  Green Unit looks forward to working with Stagecraft on future projects.”

Jonathan Finnerty, Green Unit Limited Managing Director

We aim for customer satisfaction by

√ Providing CNC routing and CNC cutting services dedicated to your requirements.

√ Planning manufacture capacity to meet annual requirements and work to strict time frames.

√ New edge-bander for maximum quality and efficiency.

√ Providing a professional service using top of the range machinery and quality materials.

√ Providing a customer centric approach to each project ensuring each customer gets the design and finish they want at a price that best suits their budget.

design, manufacture and finishing services


Liaise with designer to inform them of idea/ product. | Software; SolidWorks (allows us to create 3D drawings of what finished designs will look like),Inventor, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite.


We have a variety of standard shapes and profiles we can use when manufacturing products. Alternatively we can assist in designing bespoke pieces if you have specific requirements, or we can work to drawings if you already have designs made.


We are FSC certified meaning our timber is sourced from responsible and well managed forests. | We deal in almost all timber i.e. Ply, MDF, Oak, Ash, Mahogany, Pine and various veneer and melamine board materials.


Our design and sales teams work closely with customers to ensure design specifications, budgets and time frames are met to the highest of standards.


We have a variety of methods we can use to brand products. Our CNC machine is capable of engraving even the smallest of details, we also offer rotary engraving.


Operate from a 32,000 sq ft modern factory facility with CNC machining and an Olympic K360 Edge-bander.


On site spray painting and finishing facilities.


Comprehensive Delivery Service – Keeping delivery costs to an absolute minimum.

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