moduLog Glamping pods (CNC cutting & manufacture case-study)

moduLog Glamping pods (CNC cutting & manufacture case-study)

Case Study Description

Modulog manufacture unique, bespoke, luxury Glamping pods that can be found all over the UK

Based in Mid Wales Modulog have a mission statement to build quality Glamping pods using homegrown timber and locally sourced materials that blend in with the environment with very low environmental impact.

Modulog reached out to us with an interest in our CNC cutting and assembly capabilities to support the pre-manufacture process of the Modulog Framework.

“With the increasing demand for our Glamping pods, cabins and garden rooms we were on the lookout for help in the production of our prefabricated sections.

We were delighted to find Stagecraft who have the skill and expertise to build our sections and like us, they are a local company who employ a fantastic local workforce and have great quality control on all they do ” Leigh Price – Modulog

With the help from our design team, our CNC provided Modulog with pre-made Ribs and Curved Wall Panels ready for installation at the Modulog factory.

‘This process has now streamlined the build time for the sections as this was quite labour intensive leaving Leigh and his team to concentrate further on the actual build. We look forward to continuing our support at a time when Modulog are in a period of growth and we think his product is an excellent choice as a flexible, sustainable, carbon-neutral solution. Ray Scott: Business Development Manager – Stagecraft

Our CNC cutting service combined with our highly skilled craftsmen and assembly staff can streamline manufacturing processes, efficiency, volume and turnaround times

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