Square Flood Table Arrangement

Square Tiered Flood Table Arrangement

Square Flood Table Arrangement

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The square flood table arrangement includes 3 square flood tables at varying heights to create a multilevel display feature. Square flood tables are brilliant for displaying a variety of potted plants, each table is equipped with a plastic flood tray allowing easy care so you can be sure your plants are kept in the best possible condition. Each flood table can be used individually or in an arrangement as shown in the rendered image. Flood tables act as a simple irrigation system allowing excess water to drain from potted plants into the flood tray provided and then reabsorbed naturally, saving time and money on spent on frequent watering. The bung option is also available for plants where excess water needs to be drained away. Mypex can also be used in conjunction with flood trays to aid irrigation.


Flood table arrangement includes:

1000mm x 1000mm table top and 600, 450, 300 bed height. 

Includes 3 tables with slatted bed. 145mm planed surround and 1 black plastic flood tray per table, 950 x 950mm. No drainage hole unless specified, bung option available. Pressure treated timber. Supplied flat packed or fully assembled depending upon requirement.

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