Flourish Farm Shop

Flourish Farm Shop


We have recently completed a Design Realisation & Manufacturing project for Creative Retail Solutions at Flourish Glenavon farm near Bristol

We worked with the Creative Retail Solutions project management team to provide design realisation, product development and manufacturing services for a wide range of bespoke cladding to freezers, multideck fridges, butchery and deli serve over counters and a bespoke Retail Checkout Counter.

The customer is extremely environmentally conscious and we worked with them to reuse what we could, creating cladding from the packing crates and repurposing materials where possible.

Creative Retail Solutions specialise in creating fine food stores and have a varied team of designers and project managers who can take your project from concept all the way through to opening day.

We are delighted to be part of this project and look forward to working with Creative Retail Solutions again in the future.

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