Next Home & Garden

Next Home & Garden

Case Study Description

Next plc is one of the largest and most well-known retailers in the UK and has gone from strength to strength since it was first created in 1981. Next has expanded from woman’s wear to menswear, children’s wear and then created Next Home and Garden.

Implementing Next Home & Garden into existing and new Next stores created the need for new exterior displays for a variety of products; from large plants and trees, to smaller flowers, pots and compost, however these displays needed to fit into small retail areas outside shops.

Therefore to create their units Next’s visual merchandising managers had to work closely with Stagecraft’s designers, to produce specially designed merchandising stands in order to replace lots of individual retail stands. By implementing these specially designed stands not only do they bring continuity among product stands but also maximise retail space.

Next also chose to have their units painted in a dark grey finish which not only suited their brand image and store theme, but also brought a modern edge to the wooden benching.